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More info on Revital Gross

Portrait of Professor Revital Gross

Professor Revital Gross PhD
Senior Researcher and Deputy Director
Smokler Center for Health Policy Research at the Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute

Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Bar Ilan University

POB 3886
Israel 91037

Short Bio

Revital Gross is a Senior Researcher and Deputy Director of the Smokler Center for Health Policy Research at the Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute. She is also an Associate Professor at the School of Social Work, Bar-Ilan University.

Revital's academic degrees are in Sociology (PhD) Public Administration (MA) and Statistics (BA). Her scientific specialization is in the field of health policy and health services research.  The focus of her research in the last years has been on topics related to evaluation of the reforms in the Israeli health system and their effects on the organizational behavior of the sick funds, quality of care and patient satisfaction. Other research fields include the organization of primary care services, the role of primary care physicians and women's health.   In her studies, particular attention is given to vulnerable populations including new immigrants.

Revital's professional activities include participation in national policy forums, steering committees of health policy conferences and workshops, and presentations to senior policy makers in government offices as well as in health care provider organizations.  Professor Gross is a member of the National Council for Women's health, and is a board member of the Israeli Association for Advancement of Women's Health.

Recent Publications - Chapters in books

Gross, R; and Anson, O. (2002). Health Care Reform in Israel in Twaddle Andrew (ed.) Health Care Reform Efforts Around the World, Greenwood Publishing Group,Westport  CT

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Recent Publications - Published articles in periodicals

English Refereed Journals

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Hebrew Refereed Journals

Gross R; Rosen B; Shirom A. (1999) The Israeli Health Care System Following Implementation of the National Health Insurance Law.  Social Security Journal of Welfare and Social Security Studies 54:11-34.

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Other Publications

Tabenkin, H; Gross, R; Brammli, S; Shrira S. (1999). The Primary care physician as 'Gatekeeper': The Perspectives of Sick Fund Members, Primary Care Physicians and Policymakers".  Research Report: RR-336-99.  JDC-Brookdale Institute, Jerusalem.

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