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Associate Professor, Department of Economics
Associate Professor, Department of Health, Aging and Society
Associate Director, Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis

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Michel Grignon

McMaster University
1280 Main Street West,
Kenneth Taylor Hall 232
Hamilton, ON 
L8S 4M4

Phone: +1 905 525-9140, ext. 23493
Telefax: +1 905 521-8232

Michel Grignon is an associate professor in the Department of Economics and the Department of Health, Aging and Society, and Associate Director of the Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis at McMaster University. He is also an adjunct scientist at the Institute for Health Economics in Paris, France. Before joining McMaster in July 2004, he worked at the Institut de Recherche, d'Etudes et de Documentation en Economie de la Santé (IRDES) in Paris. He was born in France, and obtained his Master's Equivalent at the National School for Statistics and Economics in Paris, and his PhD at Ecole de Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, also in Paris. Grignon has extensive experience at an international level in research projects and activities in the areas of health economics, health-related policies, health insurance and aging. He is a member of the International Health Economics Association, the American Society for Health Economics, the Gerontological Society of America, and the Canadian Economics Association. His current research projects cover a broad range of topics, including how an aging society impacts health care expenditures in Canada and in France, and links between age and workplace absenteeism. He is also involved in research examining inequities in health care utilization and health policy in Canada, as well as exploring equity and efficiency by using experimental economic methods for financing health care.


  • Financing and funding of health care and health insurance
  • The impact of aging on health care usage and expenditures
  • Economics of health and health care and its distribution in populations
  • Determinants and patterns of health care consumption and delivery of health care
  • Econometric analysis of the impact of taxes on tobacco consumption in France



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Grignon, M. Aides aux familles et lutte contre les inégalités (Family benefits and reduction of income inequality) in Daniel C., Le Clainche C., Réduire les inégalités (Taming inequalities), DREES-MiRe, 2001.