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Dr. Maria M. Hofmarcher-Holzhacker

Senior Researcher Financing and International Affairs

Austrian Health Institute - Gesundheit Österreich GmbH
Stubenring 6
A-1010 Wien

Phone: +43 (1) 515 61-346
Telefax: +43 (1) 513 84 72

Biographical note

Research Focus

Maria M. Hofmarcher is currently  Senior Researcher Financing and International Affairs at Gesundheit Österreich GmbH.

Professional Experience

Before joining Gesundheit Österreich GmbH, Maria worked as senior researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS). Being the group head of IHS HealthEcon, a multidisciplinary research group at the Department of Economics and Finance, her professional focus lay in the areas of applied scientific research including research with respect to the organization of health care systems in the OECD and in transition countries, efficiency measurements and benchmarking, health system comparison and finance. Earlier in her career she was a practicing RN for more than ten years.

After completing her degree in economics she was a researcher at the Austrian Health Institute and after receiving a degree in Public Health she worked as a health planner for the city of Vienna. She acts as a consultant to the World Bank and provides technical and scientific assistance to Public Health research at the European Commission. In the course of her working experience, she has been responsible to conduct, plan, coordinate and supervise substantive research projects and studies related to health care issues on a national as well as international level.

She has published many papers among them the quarterly publication: Health System Watch, edited by the Austria Federation of Social Health Insurance Institutions since 1999 and available under


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Health System Watch quarterly supplement of the journal Soziale Sicherheit, produced by IHS HealthEcon, Ed.: Federation of Austrian Social Security Institutions

  • Health Status in the EU: Feeling poorly starts at the age of 70. Focus: Staying healthier contains costs, IV/Winter 2002/2003
  • Age structure and health expenditure in the EU: Costs increase, but do not explode Focus: Age-related health expenditures exhibit profile. Health System Watch 3/Fall 2002
  • Resource consumption in the EU: Allocation is more than financing - payment mechanisms in Social Health Insurance Countries. Focus: Physicians and cities: a close link. Health System Watch 2/Summer 2002
  • Health expenditure in the EU: Not yet standardised. Focus: Social Health Insurance countries in Europe: A paradise for private sickness funds? Health System Watch 1/Spring 2002
  • State of Health in the EU: The EU is converging. Focus: Doctor's Practice or Outpatient Department: One case is not one case. Health System Watch 4/Winter 2001/2002
  • Development of age structure in the EU: The EU is ageing: even when expanding eastward, Focus: Acute care and long-term care: An interface according to analysis or chance? Health System Watch 3/Fall 2001
  • Resource consumption in the EU: Innovation occurs at a price. Focus: Regulating the drug market makes it safer for all. Health System Watch 2/Summer 2001
  • Health expenditure in the EU: No public sector without the private one. Focus: The Austrian hospital sector - one system or nine? Health System Watch 1/Spring 2001
  • Health Status within the EU - At 65 (not) a bit less healthy? Focus: Quality in the medicine industry and the health service, Health System Watch 4/Winter 2000/2001.
  • Development of the Age Structure in the EU. Focus: Nursing - Quo vadis, Health System Watch 3/Fall 2000.
  • Utilization of Resources in the EU: 3:1 for the Hospital Sector. Focus: Development of Productivity in the Austrian Hospital Sector, Health System Watch 2/Summer 2000.
  • Health Expenditures in the European Union: Level or Definition that is the Question. Focus: International Databases and the Comparability of Expenses. Health System Watch 1/Spring 2000.
  • Returns on Health Investment - Health Status in the European Union. Focus: Health 21 - Austrian Targets, Health System Watch 4/Winter 1999/2000.
  • Rather healthy and rich than ill and much less well-off - Development of the Age Structure within the European Union. Focus: Managed Care, part 2, Health System Watch 3/Fall 1999.
  • Higher satisfaction is expensive - Resource utilization in the EU-Health Systems. Focus: Managed Care, part 1, Health System Watch 2/Summer 1999.
  • Cross-Section analysis of health spending with special regard to trends in Austria. Health System Watch 1/Spring 1999.