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Foto Ilmo Keskimäki

Research Director
National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)
P.O. Box 30, FI-00271 Helsinki

Phone: ++358 20 610 7256


Ilmo Keskimäki has since 1992 worked in various research positions at the National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health (STAKES) in Helsinki, Finland. He is currently head of the Outcomes and Equity Research Group of the institute. Formerly, he has worked in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the National Public Health Institute, and the Universities of Helsinki and Oulu. He graduated in medicine and has a PhD in public health from the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Helsinki. His main research activities have been in health services research. He has particularly studied practice variations and social disparities in health care with a special interest in hospital care. In his research he has focused on developing research methods for the use of register based longitudinal data in health services research and particularly in analysis of socioeconomic variations. His current research activities focuses on factors influencing equity in access to health care and in outcomes of health services. He has nationally and internationally published widely on socioeconomic equity in hospital care in Finland. His latest journal article on that topic, 'How did Finland's economic recession in the early 1990s affect socio-economic equity in the use of hospital care?', will be published soon in Social Science and Medicine.

Selected recent publications

  • Keskimäki I. How did Finland's economic recession in the early 1990s affect socio-economic equity in the use of hospital care? Social Science and Medicine 2003:56:1517-1530.
  • Hetemaa T, Keskimäki I, Manderbacka K, Leyland AH, Koskinen S. How did the recent increase in the supply of coronary operations in Finland affect socio-economic and gender equity in their use? Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 2003:57:178-185.
  • Forssas E, Keskimäki I, Koskinen S, Reunanen A. Widening socioeconomic mortality disparity among diabetic people in Finland. European Journal of Public Health 2003:13(1):38-43.
  • Keskimäki I, Koskinen S, Lahelma E, Sihto M, Kangas I, Manderbacka K. Sosioekonomiset terveyserot ja niiden kaventaminen (Socio-economic health differences and how to reduce them, in Finnish). In: Heikkilä M, Kautto M, eds. Suomalaisten hyvinvointi 2002 (Welfare of Finns 2002). STAKES, Helsinki 2002. p 352-371.
  • Keskimäki I, Koskinen S, Teperi J. Terveyspalvelujen mahdollisuudet sosioekonomisten terveyserojen kaventamisessa (Role of health services in reducing health differences). In: Kangas I, Keskimäki I, Koskinen S, Lahelma E, Manderbacka K, Prättälä R, Sihto M, eds. Kohti terveyden tasa-arvoa (Towards equity in health). Edita, Helsinki 2002. p 281-299.
  • Lahelma E, Keskimäki I, Rahkonen O. Income maintenance policies. The example of Finland. Teoksessa: Mackenbach J, Bakker M., toim. Reducing inequalities in health: a European perspective. Routledge, Lontoo 2002. s 67-76.
  • Mikkola H, Keskimäki I, Häkkinen U. DRG-related prices applied in a public health care system - can Finland learn from Norway and Sweden? Health Policy 2001:59:37-51.
  • Sihto M, Keskimäki I. Does a policy matter - Assessing the Finnish health policy in relation to its equity goals. Critical Public Health 2000:10(2):273-286.