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More info on Joan Gené Badia, MD, PhD

Joan Gené Badia
CAPSE- Universitat de Barcelona
c/ Roselló 161
08036 Barcelona SPAIN

Joan Gené Badia is family doctor and associate professor at Barcelona University, Public Health Department. He is vice-editor of the journal "Atencion Primaria" and editor of Forumclinic, a web site for patients. In the 1990s he was involved in several WHO projects for supporting health services reform in Central and Eastern European Countries. From 1995 -2005, he was a European Union Expert in several TACIS Programmes aimed at providing technical assistance for reforms in the health sector in Russia. From 2000 to 2004, he was director of the Primary Care Division of the Institut Català de la Salut (ICS) in Catalonia. Joan is editor of several books on primary health care.

Some recent papers: 

  • Gené J, Jodar G, Peguero E, Contel JC, Moliner C. The EFQM excelence model is useful for primarycare teams. Family Practice 2001;18:407-409
  • Scheaff R, Gené-Badia J, Marshall M, Svab I. The evolving public-private mix. In Saltman RB, Rico A, Boerma W. Primary care in the driver's seat? Open University Press. 2006 Mc Graw Hill Education ISBN-10 0 335 213650 
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  • Gene-Badia J, Ascaso C, Escaramis-Babiano G, Sampietro-Colom L, Catalan-Ramos A, Sans-Corrales M, Pujol-Ribera E. Personalised care, access, quality and team coordination are the main dimensions of family medicine output. Fam Pract. 2007 Feb;24(1):41-7.  
  • Pujol Ribera E, Gene Badia J, Sans Corrales M, Sampietro-Colom L, Pasarin Rua MI, Iglesias-Perez B, Casajuana-Brunet J, Escaramis-Babiano G. El producto de la atención primaria definido por profesionales y usuarios. Gac Sanit. 2006 May-Jun;20(3):209-19. 
  • Gene-Badia J, Escaramis-Babiano G, Sans-Corrales M, Sampietro-Colom L, Aguado-Menguy F, Cabezas-Pena C, Puelles PG. Impact of economic incentives on quality of professional life and on end-user satisfaction in primary care. Health Policy. 2007 Jan;80(1):2-10. 
  • Gené Badia J, Ascaso C, Escaramis-Babiano G, Catalán Ramos A, Pujol Ribera E, Sampietro Colom L. Population and primary health-care team characteristics explain the quality of the service Health Policy 2008;86: 335-344