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More info on Terkel Christiansen

Portrait Terkel Christiansen

Professor of Health Economics
Department of Public Health
University of Southern Denmark
Main Campus: Odense University 
Winsløwparken 19,3.
DK-5000 Odense C.

Phone: ++45 65 50 38 41
Telefax: ++45 65 91 82 96


1998 - Professor of Health Economics
1990 - 98: Reader in economics
1975 - 90: Associate professor (lecturer)
1971 - 75: Assistant professor

Educational background:

Cand. oecon. (M.Sc.,Economics): Århus University, 1971.

Teaching assignments, University of Southern Denmark:A broad range of economics subjects for undergraduate and graduate students in economics and business administration as well as Ph.D. students and Master of Public Management and Master of Public Health students.

Research interests:

  • Measurement of health status
  • Organisation and financing of health care systems
  • Equity issues in health and health care
  • Determinants of diffusion of health care technologies.

International research collaboration:

1988 - present: Member of the European group known as "The ECuity Group" which was settled to study "Equity in the Finance and Delivery of Health Care". The group was supported by grants from EU's research programmes in 1988, 1992 , 1997 and 2002 (COMAC-HSR, BIOMED I, BIOMED II, Fifth Framework Programme).

1997-99: Coordinator of a SWOT-analysis of the organisation and financing of the Danish Health Care System by an international panel. Financed by the Rockwool Fund.

1998 - present: Member of the The Technological Change in Health Care (TECH) Research Network studying determinants and consequences of technological change in health care, coordinated from Stanford University.

2001 Member of the IMPACT network, established to analyse the Impact of Health System Change in the EU Member States.

2002: Participation in the AGIR project (Ageing, Health and Retirement in Europe), funded by the EU.

Membership of external committees and working groups:

Participated in a number of working committees in the health care sector, or advisory committees related to health services research.

Major publications

Anita Alban and Terkel Christiansen (eds.): The Nordic Lights. New Initiatives in Health Care Systems. Odense University Press 1995. 362 pp.

Terkel Christiansen (ed.): International vurdering af organisation og finansiering af det danske sundhedsvæsen. Odense Universitetsforlag 1999, 172 pp.